Imperfect frame is a travel photo project and brand I created for Indonesia at the eve of 2017.

The project is today supported by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia and aims to preserve the archipelago’s cultural heritage.

It envisions the exploration and documentation of Indonesia by motorbike over the next couple of years, focusing on its tribes, cultures and destinations.

Indonesia impresses by its variety of landscapes and destinations—but all those travel experiences wouldn’t be the same without the people who live there. This is exactly what I was drawn by.

People’s remarkable kindness and hospitality made me instantly connect with them in a special way. The solidarity I could find in Indonesia was beyond anything I could expect.

I am today proud to be able to pay tribute to Indonesia my own way and invite you to discover this wonderful country!

I first arrived in Indonesia and more specifically in Jambi, September 2015.

At that time, I was a backpacker traveling throughout Southeast Asia eager to discover new cultures and meet new people while teaching English as a volunteer for schools and organizations.

I am a former landscape photographer and never thought I would someday photograph people.

I’ve become interested in photographing them because of the meaning I am able to put behind my human encounters. I love to visually transcribe life’s raw emotions, especially from children and elderly. They all have a story to tell which I am always eager to listen and learn from. Imperfect frame aims at inspiring other people through meaningful travel encounters in order to give a unique life’s perception and philosophy.

I use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

I am not proposing any such courses at the moment. However, I may have the plan to release in the future a full online video course that will teach you how to edit travel portraits.

If you feel there may be an opportunity to work together, I’d love to hear from you. As a photographer, I believe in staying true to my values and ethos, and want to work with those who share the same spirit of Imperfect Frame.

If you have an idea of how we could work together, please email me at

In order for me to work correctly, I usually travel by myself only. But, if for some reasons you happen to be in the same area than the one I currently am, depending on the nature of the purpose and of my personal schedule, then you may follow me. Check my Instagram to know my latest position.

I always look forward to work with talented people in the creative industry and I’m glad you appreciate this photo project!

If you think you share the same spirit of Imperfect Frame, please email me with your ideas at

I’m glad you wish to learn from me! Unfortunately, Imperfect frame is unable to facilitate photo workshops at the moment.

However, I will be working in the near future on some workshops, both for groups and one-on-one.

I will be sure to update you through my social media channels and newsletter when such workshops are made possible.

Just drop me an email at and I'll look to get back to you as soon as I can.

Order & Shipping

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Please note that not all destinations will conform with the above rates – they are just a guide.

Online limited-edition fine art prints

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So far, only the BEYOND books can be found in Indonesia at a variety of art bookstores (Books&Beyond, Alun-Alun, Periplus) and gallery shops or during events I may launch locally.

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