BEYOND is a luxurious, limited-edition photo book series with high-end materials that pays tribute to Indonesia's peoples and cultures. It has been supported by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia since 2018.

Featuring Marius' strong visual signature in a unique blend of impactful, informative captions, and exclusive travel stories, this octology is the photographer's lifelong commitment in order to inspire the audience and make them enjoy things 'beyond' the mere lens, so that the overall experience is taken to a brand new level.

The first volume of the series, BEYOND: Java, has been released in 2020. BEYOND: Bali, which is the next volume, is expected to be released at the end of 2023/beginning of 2024.

The complete series will include volumes of:
- BEYOND: Java
- BEYOND: Bali
- BEYOND: Nusa Tenggara
- BEYOND: Sumatra
- BEYOND: Kalimantan
- BEYOND: Sulawesi
- BEYOND: Maluku
- BEYOND: Papua

A collection of precious gems

An exclusive visual selection
BEYOND displays a mosaic never seen before! From 1- to 99-year-old people, to colorful cultures, to breathtaking vistas, each volume will display the main region's cultural identity of the archipelago. So far, more than 60,000 photographs have been taken but only a hundred of them will make it to each volume's final selection in order to introduce you to Indonesia in the most exquisite way a photo book series can conceive it.

A unique emphasis on the people
Since 2017, Marius has started to explore the islands of Indonesia on motorcycle, putting into spotlight the locals with the relentless mission to display and take Indonesia on a global scale. BEYOND is very likely the only photo book series about Indonesia that aims to preserve the country’s cultural heritage by focusing on its people and ethnies.

Go beyond mere travels
BEYOND is not a photo book series like others. It is also a well-thought-out concept of travel diaries filled with unique, authentic human encounters and inspiring life stories. Each volume is an elaborated visual journey and a rendezvous with humanity encompassing the rarest and last cultural pieces of Indonesian traditions fated to disappear. Once the book closed, it should make you look at the world with different eyes and ultimately change your life's framework.

More than a mere book series

An experience redefined
With about 250 pages for each volume, large photo dimensions (up to 40 cm x 28 cm/16" x 11"!) and a dual-sided, near edge-to-edge, high-quality printing, the BEYOND series immerses you above usual book experience in order to bring you maximum emotion and wonderment.

Made with premium materials
Feel at your fingertips the high-end, fine materials of the book hardcover and let yourself guide all the way through its inner pages printed with thick art matte paper, providing crisp and clear images.

Printed in limited copies
Because BEYOND prides itself on its high level of quality, it also comes in limited edition of 500 copies each. Each book volume only gets printed once in a lifetime, so it is your chance to hold in your hands those Indonesia’s precious artworks before it is too late.