Indonesia as you have never seen it before

Imperfect Frame is a photographic vision of the world created by French photographer Marius Moragues in 2017. It focuses on humanity from primarily ethnological and philosophical aspects. The heart of its main mission is to explore by motorbike world’s largest archipelago Indonesia for the next decade, document its ethnies and preserve their cultural identities in order to question the foundations of our modern world.

It is through life inspiring stories and meaningful encounters that Imperfect Frame brings to light the most neglected people of our civilization in order to inspire a world too conditioned by technology and blinded by quantitativism.

In the end… what if the true values ​​of our humanity were found among the people living in the most remote corners of our globe? What if true authenticity was found among the people living with disconcerting simplicity? And what if those who deliberately carried the most imperfections in the face of our fast-paced, materialistic society were actually those who inspired us in the most profound and meaningful way?

Beyond Java



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