Book Series

BEYOND is a deluxe photo book series featuring a collection of 8 coffee table books produced in limited editions and made with the highest standards, displaying large high-quality photographs, including captions, and inspiring travel stories.
List of volumes:
- BEYOND: Java
- BEYOND: Bali
- BEYOND: Nusa Tenggara
- BEYOND: Sumatra
- BEYOND: Kalimantan
- BEYOND: Sulawesi
- BEYOND: Maluku
- BEYOND: Papua

Ôde à l'Indonésie is the gallery's edition photo book series which will feature a total of 8 volumes in the format of mini coffee table books. The series will include a fine selection of photos of each main region along with informative captions.
List of volumes:
- Java (coming in August 2023)
- Bali (coming in August 2023)
- Nusa Tenggara
- Sumatra
- Kalimantan
- Sulawesi
- Maluku
- Papua