The Artist

Marius Moragues is an adventurer, fine art photographer, and book author who was born in Carcassonne, France. Former backpacker turned into artist, the work of Marius has been supported by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia since 2018.

Badung / Feb. 2024

Marius posing in front of the lens of his great photographer friend, Joshua Buana.

The artist’s itinerary started in 2015 with the purchase of a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia. With nothing more than a humble camera and a heart brimming with curiosity, he embarked on a journey that would transcend borders and cultures. The young French man visited most Southeast Asian countries but this is his last one, Indonesia, which would compel him to delay his return to his native land.

Drawn by an inexplicable magnetism, the welcome Marius received from Indonesians and their warm hospitality was something he had not found elsewhere. The photographer described it as a life changing experience and made Indonesia his new home at the end of 2015.

Jakarta / Jun. 2022

Marius with National Geographic Indonesia's Chief Editor during a podcast session for his first photo book, Beyond Java.

Self-taught, it is over the course of his numerous travels that the French man has developed a reputation for his portraits, which is growing. Marius’ passion for his people is unique, and his ability to convey raw emotions through each encounter is uncommon. In the faces of the people he meets, he discovers stories waiting to be told, traditions looking to be immortalized, and cultures wanting to be celebrated. 

Born as a natural visual storyteller, Marius has become for Indonesia a custodian of memories, and a messenger of understanding. His photographic vision and project, Imperfect Frame, aims not just to collect images of the country, but preserve moments of the archipelago’s ethnic richness through the wide array of its people, while putting into highlight its unseen beauty. His work wants to become Indonesia’s greatest cultural legacy and a reflection of something greater than mere images for the generations to come. Marius’ style reflects a universal language of emotions, the timeless allure of the country’s tradition, and the undying spirit of the Indonesian people.

Paris / Sept. 2020

An interview by a French radio show for his book release, Beyond Java, accompanied by Indonesian embassy of Paris.

As of today, the artist has been taking over 50,000 photographs and traveling more than 25,000 km by motorbike in the archipelago, also authoring multiple photo books.

Since June 2022, Marius has opened his first fine art photo gallery in Bali, Ôde à l'Indonésie, which has known great success and has been acclaimed by public figures such as West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil.

Ubud / Aug. 2022

With Ridwan Kamil, Ex-West Java Governor, in front of Ôde à l'Indonésie, Marius' art photo gallery in Bali.

The work of Marius has appeared in several media and articles nationwide, including National Geographic Indonesia, Kompas, TheJakartaPost, IDN Times, Detikhot, MetroTV, to name a few.

Marius’ project keeps moving forward and the artist is still actively exploring the island of Bali. He is also planning his first photographic expedition in the Lesser Sunda Islands this year 2024.

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