Arctic II
Arctic II
Arctic II
Arctic II
Arctic II
Arctic II

Arctic II

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In frame, this little girl was actually on the way back to her village, head down, diligently looking at her feet. She was suddenly dragged out of her world when she unexpectedly met me along the way as she thought nothing would disrupt her little world and piece of mind.

📍Ngawi, Java  🗓 2018


 Fine Art Print

Printed on high-quality matte paper.

● Available in the following dimensions:
     - 45 x 30 cm | 18 x 12
     - 60 x 40 cm | 24 x 16

● Key features:
     - Thick 210 gsm fine art paper;
     - 9-color digital inkjet technology;
     - Great vibrancy with wide color gamut;
     - Crisp results with amazing contrasts;
     - Can be matted and framed

 Aluminum Print

Printed on a sleek 3-mm, triple-layered aluminum composite material for a matte, reflection-free result using a state-of-the-art, 7-color printing method.

 Available in the following dimension:
     - 60 x 40 cm | 24 x 16

● Key features:
     - Impressive luminosity and depth;
     - Faint shimmer in brighter areas;
     - High saturation;
     - Water-resistant, durable UV print;
     - Suitable for sheltered, outdoor areas;
     - Ready to hang


 Fuji Flex Crystal Archive Paper

Processed in Germany on one of the world's finest papers—Fuji Flex. 

Limited editions of 15 per size worldwide.

The Fuji Flex Crystal Archive paper is a special chromogenic paper with an ultra high-gloss surface producing the highest professional photographic substrate currently available in the world. The quality of this paper is incomparable with any other papers on the market today.

This silver halide, true photographic printing material on a polyester base is produced to the highest gallery and competition standards. It is printed through a specialized process using laser exposure technology. Your photograph is not printed like other papers with ink. It is instead exposed into the silver halide base with lasers and is then chemically processed. The final result has to be seen to be believed as it leaves mica crystals on the paper that, when properly lit, produce a strikingly three-dimensional luxurious look and an appearance of being lit from behind.

 Available in the following dimension:
     - 90 x 60 cm | 36 x 24” 
     - 150 x 100 cm | 60 x 40” 

● Key features:
     - Remarkable surface smoothness and flatness;
     - Exceptional gloss giving a mirror-like appearance;
     - Unique pearlescent effect with excellent clarity;
     - Very large color gamut with high saturation, fidelity, and depth;
     - True photographic printing material on a 100% polyester base;
     - Highest image stability ideal for display purposes;
     - Strong resistance to light fading;
     - No ripping or yellowing for 100 years

● Pricing list:
     - Jiwa: 90 x 60 cm | 36 x 24”
     @ €800 | 15 of 15 copies remaining

     - Nusantara: 150 x 100 cm | 60 x 40”
     @ €1500 | 15 of 15 copies remaining

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  • The product has no white borders;
  • Frame not included