The Project

Imperfect Frame (also read "I'm Perfect Frame") is a photographic vision and project that aims to explore world's largest archipelago Indonesia in order to preserve the country's heritage. It involves French photographer Marius Moragues in a decade-long journey throughout Indonesia by motorbike and boat with the following estimated timeline:

- Java (2017-2019);
- Bali (2022);
- Nusa Tenggara (2022);
- Kalimantan (2023);
- Sumatra (2024);
- Sulawesi (2025);
- Maluku (2026);
- Papua (2027)

Established since 2017 and supported by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia, the heart of the project's mission is to meet and document Indonesian ethnies, preserve their traditional values and cultural identities in order to question the foundations of our modern world.

It is through its travel stories that Imperfect Frame strives to bring to light the most neglected people of our civilization in order to inspire a world too often conditioned by materialism and quantitativism.

Marius meeting with a shy woman from the Tengger tribe, in the highlands of Bromo – Aug 2018

Although highly visual, the project's final purpose wants to go beyond its primary visual aspiration and deeply intends to spark positive changes in the life of others. The photo documentary project strives to turn people's imperfections into strength and inspiration, and ordinary into extraordinary. Imperfect Frame takes a different outlook on the notion of aesthetics. It opens a new window to the outside world, illuminating it in the light of an inner world to show that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Marius showing photographs to a old woman in Gianyar, Bali – Jan 2019

By capturing smiles and laughter, the project embodies this philosophy, showing that happiness is not about our conditions but decisions and challenges the idea that its dimension is often merely a state of mind.

Marius with Ayah Narja from the Baduy Luar tribe in Gajebo village – Aug. 2021

The project's vision comes with the publication of a limited-edition photo book serie called BEYOND​ that will comprise a total of eight volumes and pay tribute to Indonesia’s cultural heritage. The first volume, BEYOND: Java, was released in 2020.

Imperfect Frame intends to take Indonesia's cultural awareness and the nation’s values on an international scale through the release of exclusive products, photo exhibitions, documentary videos and movies, and of course this website.

Marius intends to start exploring the regions of Bali and Nusa Tenggara in 2022 in order to work on his second book.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, we’d love to hear from you. Please email Marius at